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Paul Goggin - Owner / Managing Director

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Traditional workplace IT is dead

The world has undergone massive change, in a very short space of time, opening our eyes to new ways of working. There is a huge opportunity to capitalise on this “new normal”, but it requires a change in the way we think about the technology we use for our work.

It’s possible to rework your work IT so that it improves productivity, flexibility and security, while reducing costs and ultimately bringing your teams closer together

These are my 4 pillars that, I believe, will change how you think about your technology.


Many of you will use multiple devices for work, with data (both yours and your customer) spread across them. Some on your laptop, some on your desktop, some in Dropbox, some in Google Drive and, most heinous of all, some stored in your email system. Often a result of your business growing and changing quickly, with IT being an afterthought, the result is it takes you far too long to find documents, or having multiple copies of the same document and not knowing which is the latest version. It’s also very common to use many separate software tools to get your work done, where an all in one solution would make more sense. Services like Google GSuite and, to an extent, Office 365 provide email, calendar, task management, chat, audio and video calling tools all in one place.


The above scenario also makes securing your data much harder and gives you a much bigger headache if one of those devices fails. Attacks from ransomware, phishing emails and good old fashioned malware are all much more likely and damaging if you have no control over your data and who can use it. Storing all your data in one place, be it Google Drive or MS Sharepoint, coupled with a solid cloud backup service, means your data is controlled, secured and much more resistant to hack, attack, loss of device, or even a malicious act by a disgruntled employee. Finally, there’s a real danger of using free software not being secure. The sudden growth in use of the free version of Zoom is an example, as it has become apparent that their lack of care over your data is a huge security risk. GSuite and Office 365 allow you to share documents securely, only with those you specify, and you have the control to add more people or remove people as you need. Unlike email where, once sent, you lose control of that document forever. Tools like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, allow you to chat securely with anyone, sharing screens for training or even just your morning coffee catch up.


As your business grows and you hire more people, the common scenario is that the mess from my 1st pillar gets worse. More people and devices leads to ever growing spread of data and bigger risk for your business. GSuite and Office 365 are priced monthly, so you can add and remove licences as your team grows or shrinks. Need to hire some temps to get you through a busy tax period? You’ll only pay for the software for as long as you use it. If you also sign up to a service like our Tech as a Service, you can spread the cost of new devices over 1-3 years. This avoids the usual big up front cost of buying new kit as you grow.


One of the few benefits of this worldwide pandemic has been on the reduction in carbon emissions as people, inevitably, were unable to travel to or for work. While we will all need to return to work, we can also use our technology choices to help lower our carbon emissions. Google’s data centres, where GSuite runs from, have been carbon neutral since 2017. They generate the immense power, heating and cooling needed from sustainable sources such as solar, wind and recycled water. Microsoft are also working towards this goal, but don’t have the head start that Google had due to having many data centres built on fossil fuels. Why should you care? Well, it means that when you move your data and IT tools to their services, you lower your own carbon footprint. By not hosting your data on your laptop, your laptop doesn’t need to work so hard. This means it uses less of your energy. Using virtual meeting tools, as suggested above, will also save you having to travel for meetings unnecessarily. Face to face will always be best, but too much of our travel is due to us having outdated views on its necessity. Plus, the cost savings can be passed onto your team. Free coffee, anyone?

I hope you can see the opportunities presented by changing how we think about how we should use the technology tools that are so crucial for work. Collaborating on files in real time, by team members working in any location, can cut your work effort time by hours per month.

Moving your IT services to follow my Simple, Secure, Scalable and Sustainable pillars can save you time, money and give you peace of mind. You can focus on your business, instead of having to waste time and effort in sorting through the mess.

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